Vehicle Inventory Management and Analysis Board
  • One-Time License Fee…

    ONLY $3,500 gets your dealership a fully-featured VIMAboard (for both new and used vehicles) under a license that will never expire!

    Affordable Maintenance…

    Maintain your license, giving you full support and access to all upgrades and new features, for only $250 per month!

    Don't Pay For What You Don't Need!

    Deal only in new vehicles, or only in used vehicles? License only the one VIMAboard you need, saving money. Licensing for a single (new or used) VIMAboard license is only $2,500!

    Referral Program

    For each new VIMAboard dealership client that you refer, your dealership earns returns on your licensing investment. Each referral will see a month's maintenance fee waived!

  • Put VIMAboard to Work for You…

    Start using VIMAboard this week! Spend your first 60 days knowing this small investment in your dealership's success is risk-free!

    …That's Right; Risk-Free!

    We're so confident that VIMAboard will streamline your sales management process, we'll set you up and wait up to 30 days before your license fee is due, and another full 30 days before maintenance fees begin!

    Track your dealership for 8+ weeks!
  • Easy Import/Export…

    Import your inventory to VIMAboard using simple step-by-step instructions and a CSV file created by your vehicle system (e.g., ACS, Reynolds and Reynolds, etc.). VIMAboard's import and export features are always available for you to use. Export any cross-section of your inventory for reporting!

    Or Let Us Load Your VIMAboard For You!

    The VIMAboard staff will even import your initial vehicle inventory at signup time. Just download your inventory from your vehicle computer system and provide it to VIMAboard along with a short questionnaire. Let our expert staff set up your board, ready to use from your very first login!

    Simple CSV Import!

    No Import Start-Up

    Don't want to mess with CSV file importing? No need to! Your VIMAboard comes ready to use. Just add your dealership info and each vehicle from your inventory to the board using the same simple screens that you'll use each time you order, receive, buy, or sell a vehicle.

  • Responsive to Your Needs

    We want VIMAboard to be all it can be for your dealership. Think you see a way VIMAboard can help you out more? Say so! Qualified suggestions that become part of the VIMAboard feature can earn you one free month of the service!

    Free Upgrades

    Whenever new features are added to VIMAboard, you'll be told all about them in advance, and will see them become available to you free of charge in upgrades that are made without interrupting your service.

    Issue Assistance

    If you run into any issue while using VIMAboard, or even if you just have a question that needs answering, use our convenient contact form and a VIMAboard expert will get back to you quickly to help.

    Need Personalized Help?

    With our affordable Dedicated Support Plan, for only $20 per month, you can have front-of-the-line personal telephone support for any issues or questions. Get the most from your service as our dedicated staff assists you to be sure you're 100% satisfied with your VIMAboard.

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