Vehicle Inventory Management and Analysis Board
  • New Vehicles by Make/Model

    Set up your board to show color-code the makes and models you sell new for easy identification when you pull up lists of your inventory and sales.

    Used Vehicles by Body and Price

    Group your used vehicles into body categories of your own choosing, then by price range.

  • Track Your Manufacturer Orders

    VIMAboard reflects and updates your BTG (Balance To Go) with your suppliers, tracks your incoming vehicles through the ordering and shipping process, making sure you are always on top of your new vehicle inventory.

    Know Your Auction Needs

    With VIMAboard, you are always prepared to meet the needs of your used vehicle purchasers. Let your acquisitions at auction and your trade decisions be guided by VIMAboard comparing your inventory against your needs.

  • Keep Your Lot Stocked

    Always know exactly where you sit, with VIMAboard constantly comparing your inventory to your dealership's PVD (proper visual display) desires for each type of vehicle on your lot. Let your Long/Short number guide you so you know where your stock is in need of adjustment.

  • Monitor Your Weekly Sales

    VIMAboard tracks your sales by week, back as many weeks as you would like to see on the board. Sales numbers move automatically at the beginning of each week, preparing you for each new sales week before it even begins!

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