Vehicle Inventory Management and Analysis Board

About VIMAboard

VIMAboard is a product and service of HandMade Software, 8085 S. Chester St., Centennial, Colorado 80112. HandMade is a founding partner company in S3R Unlimited Services Organization, a consortium with a strong financial base dedicated to the success of its constituent companies and the complete satisfaction of their clients.

The VIMAboard system was conceived when the owners of Norfolk (Nebraska) GM Auto Center undertook an extensive remodel of the facility. Not wishing to mar the nice new walls of the updated dealership by re-hanging the multiple whiteboards and their hundreds of attached card-holders that had been used for years to track inventory and sales, and hoping that a replacement system could reduce the daily and weekly labor that was involved in maintaining its manual system, Norfolk commissioned the Denver-area software provider HandMade Software to create the software that became VIMAboard.

HandMade Software consulted on-site and off to design and develop a system that the dealership's staff would find familiar, intuitive, and easy-to-use, and that would provide even more insight into the management of vehicle inventory than the manual system had offered. In the summer of 2012, HandMade Software installed the result of this effort on Norfolk GM's local Intranet, where it was referred to initially as "BigBoard" or "eBoard". The service swiftly displaced the dealership's manual methods, and has been in use by the sales and management staff ever since.

Since that initial install, VIMAboard has been constantly updated and improved according to feedback and suggestions from its users. With its migration to a software-as-a-service Website here at, the solution is able to serve any number of dealerships.


Manus Hand — Headmaster

Manus Hand

Founder and principal software architect for HandMade Software, Manus Hand has spent his career providing software solutions for major telecommunications providers and financial institutions. With the creation of VIMAboard, Hand confidently serves a whole new industry vertical, seeing to the needs of vehicle dealerships.

Dan ("Kevin") Teziun — CFO

Kevin Teziun

Dan Teziun is responsible for the provision of VIMAboard's SAAS capabilities, serving VIMAboard and its clients through providing domain management and hosting advisory services, allowing VIMAboard's services to be made available nationwide.

Scot Rampalm — CIO

Scot Rampalm

Scot Rampalm doesn't actually exist. In his capacity as an imaginary friend of VIMAboard's CFO Dan Teziun, Rampalm provides the bit of mental stability that self-proclaimed WWE Champion Teziun needs whenever he is unable to be spending time with his favorite comic book character, a friend of Archie Andrews. Rampalm is best-known for his famous admonition, "Don't doubt Daro".